Meet James Smith, father, fitness fanatic and founder of Alma.


Meet James Smith the founder of Alma. James Smith might be a common name but there is nothing ordinary about the founder of this hot SOCAL start-up. James starts his day around 5am with a 2 hour bike ride through the canyons of south California. For him, this is just a warm up. 

Life wasn't always this way. James was a classic victim of city burnout. He studied at Stanford and became a lawyer where he toiled tirelessly for 10 years, slowly climbing the corporate ladder.

Struggling with exhaustion, he took a one-year hiatus from work and went travelling to India. There, he became engrossed in yoga, health and wellness. From there his travels went to Japan where he became intrigued with Eastern medicine. This is where the idea for Alma was born.

As it turns out, Eastern medicine has a different philosophy to Western medicine. There's a huge emphasis on natural ingredients and the quality of the plant from which their sourced. James became intimate with all manner of herbs and spices and on his return to America decided to encapsulate the best of these in a brand new health company: You know this company as Alma.

It's not hard to trace the etymology of Alma’s products. For example, tension relief is a product close to James' heart as he used to feel huge stress at work. 

Upset Stomach Relief is another core product for James. When he was working day in day out at his law company, his diet suffered the most. Add on top of that excessive caffeine consumption, late nights and lots of drinks with clients and you get a recipe for disaster.

Upset Stomach Relief is a handy product to get you back on track, but James also believes that you shouldn't compromise on your diet. James is now an advocate of the Paleo Diet methodology and only tends to eat twice a day, sometimes fasting for up to 2 days at a time.

Alma’s latest product, the vitamin gummies, is a step towards making health supplements more available to more people. James hopes that by creating a gummy version of the vitamin tablet the more people will be encouraged to think about their health in new and healthier ways.

If you've ever seen an Alma product in the store you'll notice that the packaging is extremely high end. This is because James believes that health should take pride of place in the home. Vitamins don't belong locked up in a cupboard or stuffed away in the top drawer. Vitamins should be proudly displayed in your house so that they form part of your lasting everyday routine.

At age 36, far from feeling that his work is done James believes that his work is just beginning. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Alma and we wish to provide you with ongoing health for many years to come.